Whilst I had a considerable amount of time at the weekend, not a lot of progress was made on the jeans.

I have a good reason for this.

I finshed my final paper for my English degree module.  It’s been double checked.  And submitted.

My English module is now done.  One down, one to go.

Cue trumpets sounding, choirs of angels singing, and general celebration Chez Stitches.

However, I did get the jeans cut out and pin fitted.

Even pin fitted The Husband thinks they look a better fit than any RTW jeans I’ve ever bought. I’m taking this as a good sign.

This morning The Husband is working at home, so I took the opportunity to make him a mug of tea and get him to mark the correct height for the rise of the jeans.  You’ll remember that I’d added some length to this but I’d gone from jeans that showed far more of me than I’m happy sharing with anyone but The Husband, to jeans that Simon Cowell would happily wear!

That chalk line shows the bottom of the waistband.  So I need to drop the waist…

…redraw the pocket…

…and make all adjustments to the paper pattern for next time (she said, hopefully!)…

Repeat for the back, remembering to make any adjustments to the back leg piece NOT the yoke piece…

And lo!  I am good to sew!

I’ll be following the construction instructions in the Palmer Pletsch jeans DVD that I received for Christmas (thanks Ma!)

I’ve watched it through once already and it’s a really good resource with some great sewing tips too.

And whilst I was waiting for my helper to be available to mark up the jeans for me, yesterday I made the most of my free time by cutting out the toiles for a Colette Ginger skirt and a little shell top from a Prima magazine pattern.  I’m hoping to fit them at the weekend with Ma.

It’s been a productive sewing week so far, I think.