There’s nowhere near as much sewing going on Chez Stitches as I would like, but I have finally finished my first outing with this pattern:

I had plenty of fabric left over from the café crème Sorbetto, so used it to make the round necked version without the waist ties:

I have to say first up that I found this pattern to be less than satisfactory.  The bodice pieces were different lengths and the skirt was a very odd shape.  Although to be fair to the skirt pieces, I am a bear of very little waist so that could be something to do with it.

I added selfmade bias binding to the neckline and armholes.  It’s a treatment I really love.

The lining, which you can just about see in this picture, is an old cotton sheet given to me by Ma SIL.  It’s super soft and just perfect for this dress.  And because the lining was free the whole dress, including the cost of the pattern and notions, came in at about £15!  Bargain.

Needless to say, because of the problems I had with the pattern, this dress took far longer to complete that it should have done, but it’s a very wearable muslin, nonetheless.

I do need to tweak this bodice some more.  I think a little more shaping of the princess seams under the bust to remove the little bit of bagginess, and another 1″ or so on the bodice length to drop the waistline a bit.  I’ve already dropped the neckline an 1″ from the original pattern but think it would stand at least another 1″…possibly 2″.

I will be making this again because it’s such a cute dress and very easy to wear.  Not too dressy for the school run but smart enough for outings too.  I’m wearing it with ancient Clarks sandals here that I love, but have also just bought some cream flats and a cream cardigan to go with the dress.  Flats are so much more appropriate to my everyday life!

Next up a pair of jeans.


I must be crazy!