Spring has definately sprung here in the North West of England, and although I’m still time and cash poor, my wardrobe is looking decidedly sad!

What to do? What to do?


Seriously, the good news is that I have a plan in place to get the studies up to date without having to spend every evening with my nose to the grindstone (thanks again, Ma!) and have caught up sufficiently to submit my next English paper two weeks early.  Now, just to get the French up to date!

Friday night I decided to go and have a look-see as to what was in the loft that could be turned into clothes for me sooner rather than later.  We’d recently moved the sewing table around so I wasn’t blocking the only natural lightsource whilst sewing and the pile of fabric and patterns looked like this:

Not good!

So over the weekend I sorted the piles into:

A) stuff that I could wear now

B) winter stuff (which has been tucked safely out of the way)

C) craft fabric and

D) kids fabric.

And if that wasn’t enough I downloaded some of these lovely swatch pages and filled them in with all the fabric, so now I don’t have to rootle around to find what I have and continuously remeasure to find out how much.

The space looks only a little tidier (;-() but I do have a pile of easily accessible fabric that I can use right now to make spring garments.

So what to make?

On the table at the moment is a second pair of my almost-perfect-pants and an upcycling t-shirt for Button.  Then I’m going to work my way, in no particular order, through the following:

This cute little dress for Button in an adorable nautical print gifted to me by Himmelbjerget.

This dress is some lovely green linen that’s been in my stash for forever!

The white version of this shirt in some poly prints that I have.

And I also have some short lengths of poly to make this:

I have two chambray cotton shirting for this one…one plain…one pinstripe.  A perfect opportunity to fine tune this pattern and add it to my TNT collection.  I love a nice shirt!  The Husband will confirm because I keep pinching his, even though they are huge on me because he has such broad shoulders!

And finally this dress.  I have one iteration already half sewn and some summery Liberty cotton with which to make a second version.

This feels like a good plan.  Not only is it frugal because the I’m using patterns and fabric that I already own, but also it shows the lovely friends who gave me some of the fabrics I’ll be using that I’m very grateful for their kindness.  I’ll also then have some patterns fitted and ready to go for future projects.


Now…I need to get cracking.  And also photograph the two finished garments I still haven’t shown you.

But first to the studies! 😉