Today is Sport Relief day in the UK and up and down the country people are fundraising for disadvantaged people at home and abroad.

It so easy in these times of austerity to forget just how fortunate we are.  If you’re reading this blog you have a roof over your head, a warm safe bed and food on the table.  You have a computer and internet access.  And I’m pretty sure you take these things pretty much for granted.

I know I often do.

I’m lucky in other ways.  My children remind me every day how different life could be.

They had  a tough start to life.  Their 5 other siblings had a tough start to life.  Their birth parents have a really tough life.

They dodged a bullet as they were at  severe risk from mental and/or physical health issues that they have thankfully avoided.

We are blessed to have found them and without the social services in this country they could have had a very different life to the one they have now.  It’s not a perfect adoption service but it sure as heck beats some of the alternatives.

So I’m going to remind you now that thanks to Teen Granny, a group of talented needlewomen, and me, have donated hand made goods to Knit Relief and the auction is currently underway on eBay.

So far the total is at about £1000.

I think we can do better.

The auction finishes on Sunday 25th March at 7pm GMT.

Please bid on whichever Knit Relief item takes your fancy.

Please donate to Sport Relief.

Not every family is as lucky as ours.