One of the wonderful side effects of writing this blog is that I’ve made new virtual friends and discovered new people who are on the same wavelength as me, or who inspire me to be a better and more creative people.

One of these new friends is Chica Andaluza who lives the kind of life I’d love to live, maybe in a few years.  She lives up a mountain in Spain and grows her own food and shares her adventures, culinary or otherwise on her very delightful blog. If you’ve not checked her out yet and love food and a simpler life, I suggest you meander over there with a glass of wine and enjoy.

Picture shamelessly borrowed from Chica Andaluza…con muchas gracias

Whilst coveting her Pot au Poulet today and eating soup inspired by her recent posts for a lunctime respite from French grammar, I clicked over to the link she’d posted for Food, Photography and France.

Picture courtesy of food, photography and France…avec mes remerciements les plus sincères

I swear if he sewed and knitted I’d be convinced he has my perfect French country life.  As is… it comes pretty darned close. In my dreams I can cook like this and take photos like this.  As he does photography holidays in France this is at least one area that I could improve just a little bit (hint! hint! to The Husband for next years holiday!)

I’m off to purchase his ebook and am now convinced that I need an iPad…just to read his eBook at it’s best.  I’ve been resisitent to an iPad for forever. C’est la vie!