Back in November 2009 I gave up on making this cardigan:

Simplicity 2560

At the time I passed it to a friend whom we thought it might better suit.  And it’s lain untouched at her house since then.

Only now she’s moving and the half made cardi found it’s way back to me.

So, as my skills have moved on a bit since 2009, only a bit, mind, I set to and I pinned it and thought about it, and within an evening I had a new cardigan

Now I do recognise this is probably the crappiest photo in the world, but you really haven’t got a hope of capturing the details of a black jersey cardigan. Unless you’re Mario Testino.  Which The Husband isn’t.

And I won’t be winning anybodies ‘Next Top Model’ with the lack of attention to hair and makeup. But I’ve been at home studying and cutting out patterns all day.

But suffice to say this cardi is cozy and comfortable and perfect for schlepping round the house.  Or going to knitting group, which I am this evening.

And whilst I really didn’t like it first time out, I’m now not saying that I’ll never make another one.  In fact I’m using the neckband on my next cardigan project, so watch this space.