8 months (and a bit)

36 weeks (ish)

254 days (exactly)

That’s how long it is until I submit my last paper of my last module of my degree.

Not that I’m counting!

My French module starts on Monday.  For this I have to produce 4 written pieces, in French, between 500 and 3000 words, dependent on the assignment.  Plus 2 spoken recordings.  Plus an oral exam (about which I am, quite frankly, terrified!)

My English module finishes on 7th June.  I have 4 papers left to write for this. Each being between 2000 and 3000 words long.  Not so worried about this one.  It’s a little more straightforward because it’s actually written in English, which is a start.

And, I need to go back to work for a few months too.  I’m in the throes of searching for a temp placement as I type.

I am, to say the least, going slightly loopy at the thought of it all, BUT, I know that WE can do this.

The Husband and I are a team.  We are an amazing team. He is all hands to the pumps in times like this and shares all chores, with the exception of ironing, because I’m a bajillion times quicker at it than he is.

We have AMAZING support in the form of Ma and Ma SIL and Pa SIL, who will be helping out with afternoon childcare (the munchkins are in nursery in the morning).   Button and The Boy will be ecstactic…every morning they ask if they can go to Nana or Grandma’s after nursery.  They’re always bitterly disappointed when I point out that I’ll be collecting them!

Ah the joys of motherhood!

So, yes, I won’t see as much of my friends as I do now, but we’ll catch up as often as we can.

And I won’t be knitting or sewing as much.  But you can be your bottom dollar I’ll be squeezing a bit in here and there when I can.  Just to relax.

And I’ll still be here.  Maybe not quite as often, but please bear with me.  And come October 4th I’ll be sewing and knitting like the world is about to end!

However,  the odd thing about all this craziness is that I’m feeling ridiculously blessed.

Blessed that I’m healthy enough to go out to work.

Blessed that I have enough smarts to be able to get a reasonable hourly rate for my work.  Not what I’d earn if I was working in a full time permanent role, but this isn’t a career move for me.  This is a means to an end.  And anything above minimum wage is a bonus!

Blessed that I have the support network to enable me to go and work for my family without worrying that my children are safe, healthy and happy.

Blessed that I have a supportive husband who will work with me to enable me to finish my degree.  And that I have the mental facility to undertake such a project.

All in all….a small bag of lemons but a very big drink of lemonade.