When you’re feeling less than your normal self, there is something rather cheery about receiving a parcel in the post.

Even when you’re expecting it, its a nice surprise, as you never know which day it will land with a satisfying ‘plop’ on your doormat.

Well, today I received these beauties from Molly over at Toferet’s Empty Bobbin, who has been clearing out her pattern stash.

I’m so thrilled with these as not only are they gorgeous designs, but also pretty near my size, so there’ll be the minimum amount of grading to do.

Thank you, so very much, Molly.

I’m definitely putting the blouse pattern on my “fit list” for my fitting course in April.  I know I’ll need a full bust adjustment, but not only will it be fun working on a vintage pattern on the course, but I’ll be in safe hands with Celia, and will get the best result for the pattern.

I’m seeing the blouse in summer weight voiles, perhaps with a perky polka dot or a natty stripe, tucked into straight legged trousers (with turn-ups) with ballet pumps and a jaunty spring in my step.

The dress….chambray…with a fabulous belt and low heeled pumps.

And is it me, or does the red-head remind you of Bree Van Der Kamp?

Off to practice my haughty look!