When we were planning our wedding Ma and I had several conversations about what she could give us as a wedding present.  As she only has her State Pension, The Husband and I were reluctant  for her to spend anything other than a token amount of money on us.

Ma, on the other hand, was adamant.  She was getting us something significant and special and hang the cost!

We hit a compromise.

Why don’t you make us a quilt?

Apart from the fact that you don’t have to shell out for it all in one go…it hits the mark in so very many ways.

:: It’s an original piece of art and I LOVE that.

:: Every stitch was Made by Ma with love.  A tremendous gift of love, time and effort.

:: It will become a family heirloom that can pass down through the generations.  A legacy of Ma’s incredible talent for our children and all the children to come.

:: It will keep us all warm!  A necessity when you live in the north of England! (Although, to be fair, I think this one would warm us through a Canadian winter!  It’s amazingly warm.)

And so, last night, after 14 months of incredible work by Ma, and on a suitably frosty night, The Husband and I snuggled down under this beauty for a cosy nights sleep.

The backing is the same silk as the curtains and the lampshades

This is a truly spectactular quilt and we are thrilled and grateful that Ma took all that time to make it for us.

Thanks Ma…we will treasure this more than you could ever imagine.

We love you.


PS.  She thinks it’s not that well made.  I’m thinking she’s crazy!

PPS.  It was still a significant amount of money! And a significant amount of work.   I tried!

PPPS. This was the mystery quilt project I’ve been working on.  Ma was losing the will so I offered to do the hand-stitching on the binding.  I love hand-stitching.  I’m odd like that.