I’m not entirely sure whether over the last few weeks I’ve been far too busy or far too lacking in energy.

Knowing the usual epic proportions of my to-do lists, and the inordinate amount of simple carbohydrates (both food and liquid) consumed over the Christmas period, I suspect it’s a combination of the two.

Maybe it’s because it seems never to stop raining here and the world is continuously shades of school uniform grey which my mood seems determined to absorb and reflect.

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Whatever the cause, the outcome has been that I’ve been suffering from a spectacular case of Januaryitis and therefore nothing of any great creative excitement has been going on.

Except the château quilt, of course.

Let’s not forget the château quilt!

But nothing else to show for it.

However…today I finished the 3rd assignment for my English module and whilst I still have 3 to go plus the final paper in lieu of exam, I’m halfway through this module.  The French course material have arrived and I start in a couple of weeks. But that gives me a little bit of breathing space in which I can slow down a little, give the house a good scrub and do a little sewing to finish off a couple of projects that are soooooooo overdue for completion and are therefore really bugging me.

So, hopefully I have more lovely things to show you soon, but the first part of this year is going to be  light on new projects and heavy on expletives in more than one language as the stupidity of cramming two final year (for this read really quite hard) modules into one year (even though I was running out of options and really needed to) hits home and I disappear under a mountain of textbooks, dictionaries and ironing.

This too shall pass.

And when it does I’ll have time to sew up a storm.

And I’ll have a degree to boot!