And what a way to start the year.  I’m really setting the bar high for myself!

You may remember that for my birthday last year Ma treated me to a Northern Quilting workshop at The Patchwork Chicks in Barrowford.

I’ve finally finished the quilt.  I call it the château quilt because it reminds me of the carved stonework in the châteaux of the Loire valley.

I know that pride is a particularly unattractive trait…but I’m awfully proud of this quilt.  The design is entirely mine utilising traditional quilting patterns.

Every stitch is made by hand.

Even the edges are turned and hand finished rather than a machine sewn binding.

I love this quilt and I’ve enjoyed every single stitch.  I love the feeling of continuity with women across centuries who have stitched quilts in exactly the same way as I stitched this one.

I really want to make another one…this time double or king sized.  But I’m working with Ma on another quilting project at the moment, I have the Gardener’s Journal to finish, and I have another secret quilt project to follow those.  So I’m not adding another quilt project to the list for this year.

But… never say never!