New Year’s Eve was Ma’s birthday and as is the norm we all gathered to wish her well and deliver her hugs and gifts.

I think she missed the point because she turned up with a gift for The Boy!

It’s too adorable.  We got the fabric from Festival of Quilts last year.  Each of the squares came ready cut so it was quite simple to construct (compared to the king sized double wedding ring she’s working on!).

The backing fabric co-ordinates with the face squares.

I wish I could tell you the name of the company I got this fabric from.  They were a French family…Maman designs the fabric, Papa prints it and La Fille runs the business side of it. They were absolutely darling and very charming when I butchered the French language whilst purchasing these fabrics.

If you know who I mean, please let me know.  I’d love to share a link with you. They do just the most adorable fabrics for children.

Edited:  I got a chance to nip to the loft and rummage whilst The Husband bathed the bairns and the company is Il était une fois….  I’m not being held responsible for any shopping you might do whilst on their site! 😉

And Ma makes the most adorable quilts.