I love me a plan!

So here’s what I’m hoping to achieve next year.


1. Perfect pattern for slim legged trousers.

2. Perfect pattern for jeans.

3. Perfect pattern for jersey lounge trousers.

4. Perfect pattern for classic shirt.

5. Perfect pattern for t-shirt.

6. Palmer Pletsch fitting course in April.

7. Palmer Pletsch jacket course in August.

8. Sew at least one iteration of each the above patterns.

9. Sew a coat.


1. Finish Ella sweater.

2. Reknit red aran.

3. Knit Burda bag in grey aran.


1. Finish blue hand quilt.

2. Finish A Gardener’s Journal quilt.

3. Start hand pieced hex quilt.

The other stuff:

1. Children’s baptisms in February.  We’ve waited so long for these.

2. Complete my degree…2 modules left to go!

3. Hit my goal weight by my birthday in June.  26lbs to go.

4. Exercise.  I hate it but I’ve really got to do it!  I’d like to be able to run 5k by my birthday in June.  And get some more walking in there too.

5. I’m hoping to be approved to sit on Adoption Panel once a month.  Fingers crossed on that one.

6. Button starts school in September.  I hope we get a place at the school of our choice.

It seems like a lot…but we’ve got a whole year!

And by this time next year the degree will be finished and I’ll have a whole lot more time on my hands.  I’m determined to finish but won’t be too sad when I reach the end.

I think it’s a fun plan with the right balance of stuff that I need to achieve (like the degree and the getting healthy bit), stuff that will challenge me (like the jeans and the coat. And the degree), and stuff that we can celebrate (like baptisms and first day at school).

I can’t wait to get started.