I can’t believe Christmas is over and we are heading rapidly to the end of another year.

I love this little hiatus between festivities and New Year celebrations.  It’s a time to relax with the family and take a breather to reflect on the year that was and plan for the year yet to be.

It’s been a productive year in many ways…I’ve finished 26 projects this year, my favourites being 

The common thread with these projects is that I took my time, paid attention to detail, fit and finish, and it really paid off.  These items are worn a lot!

I think this is the biggest lesson I’ve learned this year…enjoy the process…take the time…do it properly.  It’s the only way to get results that you love and will wear again and again.

The year has been successful in other ways.

We’ve finally finished with the adoption process and both children are now officially ours…we all have the same surname now, which is more joyful than you can imagine.

I’ve committed to the last two modules of my degree…I’m on the home stretch now and by this time next year it will be done and dusted and I’ll hopefully have the results.

My niece and her family have moved to the same postcode as us.  It means that we are finally getting to spend lots of time together and that really is delightful.

And despite Pa SIL launching himself through the loft hatch, and the Ma’s and niece spending far too much time in hospital for anyone’s liking, we’ve all made it to the end of the year more or less intact.  This is a blessing.  Long may it continue.

On checking my goals page I see that the stash has been well and truly busted, although you might notice some new stuff creeping in at the edges!!!

I couldn’t help it.


And whilst I didn’t make a dent in the list of TNT patterns, I am getting nearer to having a pattern for the perfect slim legged trousers.  Just a little more work.

But that said, I’m still very happy indeed with what’s been achieved during this year, both in my own right and as a family.

Now I just need to think about what I’d like to do next year.  There are some big things already in the plan…but they’ll have to wait for another post.