Today is the first of three days of the Christmas preparations Chez Stitches.

This morning I did the penultimate pressie shop (we have a few more children’s gifts to buy this evening).

I also shampooed the hall and stairs carpets, and the entrance mat and sitting room rug.

My kitchen looks like this:

I’m baking 3 different sorts of cookies today.  Tray after tray of vanilla or ginger scented goodies.  The house smells amazing.

Tomorrow I shall make chicken liver pate, gravy, and cheesecake.

I’ll be entertaining a couple of friends for tea and biscuits.

And I’ll get a couple of hours in the evening to sneak off to the cinema with Mr Stitches and relax a bit.

I love this time of year.  Preparing the food and the house for the Christmas day celebrations with my family.

But I’m so very lucky as I have a great deal of help.

So this is a shout out to Santa’s Little Helpers, without whom this would be a nightmare of epic proportions rather than the joyous time of preparation that I enjoy.

Firstly to The Husband, who every Christmas runs around and braves psychotic old ladies (today they were actually coming to blows over a packet of cranberries) and does the food and drink shopping.

Thanks, baby.  Not only am I grateful that you free up the time for me to do other stuff, but also that you save me from being in a situation that might result in me spending Christmas in the cells for coshing a little old lady over the head with a bag of cranberries, or worse.

He’s also entertaining the babies whilst I scrub the house on Christmas Eve. He’s just fabulous.

Also thanks to Ma and Ma SIL, who have my two little cherubs today and tomorrow.  If they didn’t, I wouldn’t be calling the munchkins “cherubs”. They’d be something far less complementary, probably including several unprintable expletives.  And not only are the Ma’s entertaining the babes (obviously with Pa SIL chasing them up and down the house like loons) but Ma is taking both of them for haircuts…thus saving me even more time to cook!!!!

You guys are the best.  I really couldn’t do it without you.  And I’m very grateful and very blessed.