Usually I’m a bit “bah humbug” about Christmas decorations.

They go up just before Christmas.

They come down straight afterwards.

Which is very strange as I really do love Christmas.  I’m just very resistant to the whole “Christmas is in the shops before Halloween has finished” state of affairs.

Not this year.  I’ve been itching to put them up and finally found a chunk of time on Friday morning to get them out of the loft and into the sitting room.  I blame the kids for this change of heart.

Funny how you can see things in photos that you can’t see in real life…I need to buy a couple more strings of gold beads

We have a sackful of Santa’s (what is the collective noun for Santa’s?  Sackful?  Beard?  Sleigh?  Who knows?)

And, there’s also the other kind of decorating going on.

Button’s bedroom has been driving me to distraction for ages.  It hasn’t been redecorated for nearly 3 years.  Whilst I loved the colour scheme and it was the first room I’d decorated for one of my babies, it was looking very shabby indeed.

I also happen to know that Santa has some lovely things in store for her for Christmas, and then there is another pretty spectacular gift being made that may be for Christmas, maybe for her birthday, but either way will require some space.  So I feel I can’t put it off any more, and whilst it might be slightly crazy timing, I feel better for having this project under way.

It will be painted by next weekend, with Button moved back in (she’s currently camping in The Boy’s room, with all the chaos that entrails!)

Then she”ll be ready and waiting for when the real Father Christmas comes down the chimney in two weeks time.