I love my trips to London.

I didn’t love the 5.30am start  to get to the station on time, but by 7am I was happily ensconced on the train with coffee and a snack and my studies.  It seemed a waste not to get ahead with the paper I need to submit this week.

By 9.15 I was in London and heading out to the Goldhawk Road.  Suddenly 5.30am seemed like a great idea again!

I may have bought some Libery cotton lawn:

And some silk/viscose jersey:

And some poly satin to line a tweed waistcoat for The Husband:

I swear I could have bought about 50 more metres but it’s 3 weeks to Christmas and fabric shopping is the last thing on my list.  The pieces I bought are specifically required to complete outfits.

Well, maybe not the Liberty.

But at £7 a metre it would have been rude not to take it.

And I didn’t buy any of the 7 or 8 other designs that would have been lovely in my wardrobe!

I then hot tailed over to Marylebone to meet up with Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat.

Loving the new 'do'!

We lunched and laughed and window shopped.

Then I decided I was missing my family too much so caught the mid afternoon train. I was home to tuck the babies up in bed.  🙂