This morning the sun was shining and I felt like playing hooky from my chores. The Husband was working at home all day and he took the munchkins to nursery.  So I pootled round loading the dishwasher and the washing machine, did the bare minimum of housework and ate a leisurely, and luxuriously quiet, breakfast, just me and the magazine from the Sunday paper (thanks Liz!).

Whilst I have some studies to do to finish this weeks unit, a quick diary shuffle took care of them and left me a morning free to do as I pleased.

Such a treat.

I felt the need for a quick win.  Something concrete to show for the free morning.  Something not too mentally taxing. So………….

I finished all the blocks!

That’s it now until I can get the fabric for the borders and the backing, which will just have to wait until after Christmas.

But for now it’s pinned to the wall at the top of the stairs to the sewing loft so that whenever I go in I can admire my first attempt at patchwork and decide where its new home will be when its finished.

PS. I know the photo is a bit weird but it’s taken at night as I  balanced precariously halfway down the loft stairs.

 I simply couldn’t wait until daylight to share it with you.  

Squint and you’ll miss the wonky bits!