When I first moved back to Lancashire I was, to say the least, unhappy at the prospect.  All my family and friends lived in the South and I felt alone and isolated for so long.  This is a topic I’ve discussed here before.

Now all my family lives within 5 minutes drive of our home and I have the most amazing friends a girl could ask for.

My circle of friends was initially built around my love of knitting and a funnier, smarter, more creative bunch of amazing women you’re going to struggle to meet.  And of course I still have my lovely southern friends too, who are equally fabulous.  I’m always happy to sing their praises…they give me plenty to work with!

I started my blog to keep in touch with my distant friends and family and instead have developed friendships across the world with wonderful women who share my loves of family, friends, cooking and creating.  This was such an unexpected development, and I still can’t really believe my luck.

This was really brought home to me at the weekend when the postman delivered a large brown envelope, which contained a copy of Patrones from Chica Andaluza.  We’d been corresponding and she’d offered to send me an issue as I’d never actually laid hands on one before.I hadn’t expected the copy of Burda too.  How kind is that?  Thank you, Chica! I’m totally thrilled.

I’m very excited by some of the Patrones patterns:As I’m in dire need of some tops, I’m going to be prioritising some of these as soon as garment sewing resumes Chez Stitches:And what about this Burda dress? What’s not to love?Kind friends who supply inspiration…how lucky am I?