October is turning out to be an overwhelming month.

All of it in a good way I hasten to add.

I’m so busy I’m meeting myself coming back.

Spending time with my family and friends, keeping the home in some semblance of order, and actually doing the required amount of study for the current module, have all served to keep me away from the loft and my sewing machine.  This is, of course, the way I like my life to be and have no complaints but nothing in the way of finished projects to show at the moment.

Thankfully one of the Christmas presents is made. I only have 3 to go.  I have everything I need to get these done except for a zip and some time.

That said, some projects are progressing very nicely, thank you very much:

Kim Hargreaves ‘Ella’
4 blocks of The Gardener’s Journal quilt top are done
Pocket for an apron I’m making for myself
The North Country quilt is 3/4 finished

It’s strange how buoyed I feel by this little recap.

Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees, but this shows that things are getting done, even if it’s not as quickly as I’d like.

I hope you’re making progress too.