The leaves are starting to edge themselves with gold, the days are uncharacteristically sunny and the air is crisp cool rather than the habitually dripping cold.

Autumn really does bring out the best in me.  The crisp air suits me and sunshine can only enhance your mood.

As the season turns I once again feel the urge for soup.

Velvety. Warming. Comforting.  A little spicy.

My absolutely favourite autumn soup is butternut squash.Little amber cubes of comfort and deliciousness.

Just add a little salt, pepper, oil.  Maybe a little garlic if an overzealous husband hasn’t thrown it out when he kindly cleaned the kitchen at the weekend.  Maybe a sprinkle of cumin seeds for spice.

Really, just add whatever takes your fancy.  The squash won’t mind.  It likes the company.Roast them gently in the oven.  Probably about 150 deg c.  Perhaps for about an hour.  They’ll let you know when they’re ready.  They’ll be soft and hopefully a little crispy at the edges.

Add the best stock you can get your mitts on.  I usually have homemade chicken stock in the freezer.  Today I haven’t.  I must roast a chicken at the weekend.  Chicken dinner and chicken stock.  It would be rude not to!

A  stock cube will do the trick. Two if you’re making a big batch from more than one squash.Then blend the heck out of it until it’s smooth and creamy.  You might need to add more stock or water at this point, but that’s ok.  If you like your soup thinner, add more….less if you like a thick, unctuous soup.

This is how I served mine today.  

With sandwiches.

But you could add some cream.

Or some crispy bacon.

Or some fresh crusty bread.

It’s up to you.

But I would urge you not to omit serving some to the small people.Because whilst they’ll happily ignore vegetables on a plate (or throw them at you if they’re in that sort of mood), in a bowl of soup it’s a completely different story:And vegetables inside a small person rather than in the bin (or in my hair) makes me a very happy mummy.