I know that pretty much everyone else in Blogland has made one of the lovely Sorbetto tops from Colette, but in truth I wasn’t completely convinced it was a shape I could carry off.  And everyone else’s was so amazing I didn’t want to let the side down.

However, I took the plunge and made this one from that lovely café crème fabric of unidentified fibre composition purchased from Abakan.  I knew I had enough spare from the dress I’m planning to make and as the fabric was really quite inexpensive I could afford for this not to be a huge success.

I needn’t have worried – it seems it does work for me after all.

And I’m much happier with it than my face would suggest in that picture!

In my defence I was trying to squeeze a quick photo shoot in before breakfast, which I could smell cooking and was more than a little distracting.

“Cooked breakfast” I hear you ponder.

Why yes.  The Husband and I have been away for a couple of days.  More on that later.

But back to the Sorbetto.  I like it so much I’ve got a second one on the table now.  Hopefully it will be finished fairly soon.