1. Archie is settling happily into his new home and our days are filled with happy barking and shrieking as he and the Chaos Monsters tear around the garden.  I thought our life couldn’t get much better.  Turns out I was wrong.

2. It’s only 10 sleeps until nursery opens again.

Not that I’m counting.


3.  I managed to get to my knitting group again last night.  It’s the third time this month which is nothing short of miraculous. And I’m awfully glad I did! Look what I scored:

Black Purl was de-stashing and it would have been rude not to help her out. So I was suitably polite and beat off all comers with a large stick purchased this wonderful yarn.  It’s 1700 yards of Wollmeise Lacegarn Ruby Thursday.

The light here is so grey today it’s sucking all the colour out of the yarn and no amount of fiddling with the colour balance is bringing it to life in the photo, but it’s a delicious vibrant ruby with only slight colour variegation, which you can just about see in the photo.

And as if that wasn’t enough good fortune, Andrea brought this amazing find in for Button:

No your eyes do not deceive you.

Its vintage Clothkits.


It’s a little big for her at the moment but I’ll see if it can be sized down.  If the print doesn’t allow for that then it can sit in her wardrobe until she’s big enough.

It’s too fabulous.  Thanks Andrea for thinking of us.