Whilst I had planned to use the last of the green Artesano aran to knit Fairhope, it quickly became apparent that I hadn’t nearly enough yarn left for it.

A hastily organised Plan B yielded this little lovely:

Something Lacy Shrug is designed by Vera Sanon (of SunFunLivingKnits) and is published by Cascade Yarns.  You can download it for free from their website.

Despite needing to cast this on about 20 times, that was definitely user error as this is a nice simple pattern that is very easy to follow.You just knit a rectangle, sew up the sides a little to create tiny sleeves, then pick up and knit the ribs.

A quick and satisfying project that is great for using leftover yarn.

Although I still have enough of this left for a hat and mittens (it feels like the neverending stash of green yarn).

Guess what’s on the needles at the moment?