July has been a crazy busy month.  And it’s not over just yet!

The Chaos Monsters have finished nursery for the summer and they’ve been swinging between bouncing off the walls and being tired and grouchy.  So much so that Button has reverted to afternoon naps.

With naps back in place you’d think I’d be getting loads done, but not so. Niece Stitches has been in hospital with a bad attack of “we-don’t-know-what-the-heck-is-wrong-with-you-and-causing-all-this-pain”.  It started with a mad dash to her house for me so I could take care of her kids, and a mad dash to the hospital for her in an ambulance.  Princess Rose was amazing, talking to the ambulance controller on the phone and looking after her mummy until the ambulance arrived. When did 4 year olds get so smart and brave?

Niece is home now but still not well.  Thankfully her MIL is in-situ and here for the summer to take good care of them all. And a great job she’s doing of it too.

Whilst all that was going on Mr S was off work with gastroenteritis. Although it was lovely for us to have him home for a week instead of dashing around the country like a man possessed, it wasn’t quite the break we’d hoped for. Thankfully he is back to fitness and today has crafted me a lovely gate to corral the kids in the garden:

Not quite finished but fabulous none the less

Tomorrow we shall clear a space for the sandpit, move the last of the junk out of the garden, cut the lawn and plant the lovely lilacs that Himmelbjerget bought me for my birthday.  Then we can enjoy the garden for the summer and the kids can play safely without me chasing them off the drive every two minutes.  Much more relaxing for all concerned, I think.

Obviously in all of this my sewing machine and I have become almost strangers.

I don’t think the black trousers will be finished this weekend, and that’s OK. Life gets in the way and I’m just glad that everyone is better (well, I know Niece Stitches has a way to go but at least she’s in the system now and that can only be a good thing).

So for August the only plan I’m making is that the sewing machine is coming down from the sewing loft and onto the kitchen table in the hope that whilst the kids play in the newly safe garden, I might get a few lines of sewing done. And I really need to as I fell off the fabric abstinence bandwagon

It’s an unlabelled but probably lightweight linen from Abakan.  I’d seen it a few weeks ago and resisted temptation but on my most recent visit I simply couldn’t walk away.  As there were only 4 metres left at only £4 a metre it seemed rude not to, so I snapped up the whole lot and skipped away a happy girl.

Now all I need is for whoever is pinching all my time to buzz off and let me get on with things.

Here’s hoping!