…..I have posted photos of Mr S’s Whitfield by now.

Or perhaps photos of the cardigan I finished this week.

Maybe a photo of the first of the monograms, which I finished this morning whilst sipping tea with my niece and ignoring the cacophony that four small people and a dog make!

At a push, I could even have shared the evolution of the skinny trousers, though to be fair, I suspect that might have put you off of your supper.  It wasn’t pretty, people!

But no.

I am a bad, bad blogger.

image courtesy of http://www.dolcehandknits.com/

So instead I’ll show you a picture of what I’m swatching at the moment.

The pattern is Fairhope by Dolce Handknits.

I’m using yarn left over from Ingenue.

Whilst I know we’ve not had much summer here in the north, I’m already planning for autumn, and I think this will be perfect with jeans and a top.

I will do pictures this weekend.  It’s crazy busy here with Mr S away far too much, so I lose my photographer (and model in the case of the Whitfield!). The cigarette trousers are coming on…I did 4 iterations of the toile then threw it at the wall and have decided that the only way I’ll refine the fit now is to actually make a pair of them.

So they are cut out and ready to sew.

I’ll probably get to them tomorrow, Friday at the latest, and make a start on the construction.

Fingers crossed for a good result.