Blimey, is it the 6th July already?

Time flies when you’re not doing anything!

Well, I have been doing stuff but not much of it has been sewing or craft related.

Except for Saturday.  Ma, Niece, Himmelbjerget and me all skipped off to Patchwork Chicks for a day learning how to do North Country Quilting.

For the uninitiated NCQ is wholecloth quiltingand I’ve wanted to learn to do this, like, for For. Evah!

Saturday was the first day of a two day workshop and we spent the day learning how to design our quilt and draw the design on the cloth.


Drawing on the cloth.

With a pencil.

Scared me half to death!

But, by the end of day one my design was well under way

I know the pictures are a bit dark but its the only way to get the pencil to show up!  Technology eh!  Or could it just be my lack of skill?  Who knows.

Anyway, on the 16th we’ll be back there again to learn how to do all the stitching, then its up to us.

A perfect project set up for autumn evenings on the sofa.

Another slow project.

Not one I’ll be finishing in July, but I’m thrilled to be starting it.

Also starting in July is my cushion project.  One of my goals for 2011 is to finally get some cushions on the sofa, but it’s taken me ages to decide what I want them to be like.  And I’ve finally decided.  The first 4 will be about 18″ or 20″ with hand embroidered monograms in the centre.  One for each of us. The designs come from this book that I received for my birthday (wow, my kids and husband are great)and I’ve already transferred and made a start on the first one

So far, so slow, so good.

This is where I make a pledge.

“I, PendleStitches, hereby do solemnly swear that by the end of July I shall have completed the black slim legged trousers.”*

I will.  For sure.

And the cream cardigan.

And maybe a top.

But I’m not pushing it!

So watch this space.

What sewing/knitting/stitching have you got planned for July?

*Note I didn’t say which year ! LOL.  Only kidding!