It’s not like me to start a project without really thinking it through.


Ok…I couldn’t even get to the end of that sentence without laughing at myself. You know as well as I do that I’m forever jumping into stuff with my eyes closed and the cry “geronimo” ringing in the ears of any poor soul within a 1000 yard radius!

And I did it again with my Gardener’s Journal quilt.

The embroidery bit was delightful.  I’ve been embroidering on and off for more years than I care to remember.  I can do it sat on the sofa with a glass of wine to hand and something on the TV for me to pretend to watch, then to completely lose track of the plot, and have to rely on the beleaguered Mr S to explain that which would have been completely apparent to all and sundry except the halfwit who was stitching rather than paying attention.

But you’ll have noticed that the poor stitcheries have been languishing in the sewing box for quite some considerable time. And I have two very good reasons for this.

One…..I’ve never made a quilt before so was completely daunted by cutting out the large number of teeny tiny squares that this quilt is made up of.

Two…I’ve never made a quilt before so was completely daunted by the thought of sewing said large number of teeny tiny squares togther.

Any sensible person would have chosen a simple quilt made of simple squares (preferably quite large ones) that could be sewn together reasonably quickly to give said sensible person a sense of satisfaction and the enthusiasm to test her skills a little with the next quilt.

I’ve been accused of many things in my life but being sensible has never been one of them!

So, Ma, who whizzes through projects at the speed of light, kindly cut out all the teeny tiny squares on one wet and dreary Sunday afternoon (we get plenty of them here…it’s British Summer Time after all!)

So my first pitiful excuse was unceremoniously dumped in the waste basket.

Hmmmm…I really have no excuse now.  After all it’s only straight lines, no?

So, around making trouser and skirt toiles, I’ve taken the plunge and made a start

Of course I started with one made up of triangles rather than squares.  But it’s the first in the instructions and I decided to buck the trend and actually follow them.

Its a bit squiffy, but, you know what, I like it even more because of that. By the time this quilt is done I might even be able to make them all nice and even.

But I’m not holding my breath.  😉