This week has been more than a little busy.

Ma has been in hospital having her new knee.  She’s home now and pootling around, albeit with crutches, but is doing really well.  She’s amazing.

Mr S is in Johannesburg having far too much fun at work.  He does love a challenge (how else could he love me?!?!) and boy, is this a challenge.


He’s having a blast.  We all miss him like crazy!

Last night I hosted a lazy knitting supper for Himmelbjerget, Black Purl, Lara Croft and the wee Scots lassie.  It was the cooking that was lazy, not the knitting.  As I don’t get to my knitting group nearly enough these days it was lovely to bring some of the knitting group home.  I have not laughed so much in ages.  By the end of the night my sides and face ached from it and the tears of hilarity were rolling down my face.

What is it about the company of funny, intelligent, opinionated (in the best way) women that is a tonic equal to a week’s holiday.  My friends constantly amaze me with the depth and breadth of their knowledge, their zest for life, warts and all, and their enormous joie de vivre.

This morning I was awoken by Button at 4am, so we snuggled down together under the duvet, whispering secrets and huggling.  Huggles, for the initiated are a spectacular and heart warming combination of hugs and cuddles and are rife in our home, to the delight of all.

At a more reasonable hour we all dressed and set off for the day.  Button to Nana’s and then nursery. The Boy to the hairdressers and then to play with his cousins.

I was off to be a grown up.

Today I was guest speaker at the Pre Adoption Workshop for our local authority adoption agency.

3 1/2 years ago Mr S and I were delegates on the same workshop, so it was a complete honour and more than a little thrilling to be asked to go back and share our experience of adoption with people who are at the very beginning of their own adoption journey.

I had such a wonderful time and hope that I helped just a little bit to allay the multitude of fears and answer a few of the bajillion questions that I know from personal experience that they will have.

It was also wonderful to step away from the all-encompassing busyness of my day-to-day life and reflect on just how blessed I am.

By now I suspect that you’re wondering where I’m going with this random ramble.

Well, during the afternoon several of the delegates approached me to comment on just how happy I appeared.  I couldn’t deny it.  When I picked The Boy up from my nieces she commented on it too.

Well, I’ll let you into a little secret.

I am happy.

No, actually.  I.  AM. HAPPY!!!!!

So I just thought I’d remind anyone who reads this post to stop, take a breath, look around you and remember just how happy you really are.  Think about the strength of your loved ones, the joy of the company of beloved friends.  Think of 4am huggles with a sleepy child, or the pride in a small boy who has always been terrified of haircuts, but who smiled serenely through it today for the first time.  Think about the difference you might make in someone’s life just by giving a little bit of your time.

It might just surprise you.

I think you may find you’re happy too.  If you are…..pass it on!