You may notice that my Goals page has a large number of the stash yarns crossed out with little evidence of the ensuing items showing up here.

That’s because I’m cheating a little on my stash busting.

You see, Ma is heading into hospital in June for a knee replacement and will be laid up for quite some time afterwards whilst she recuperates.  She’s currently collecting projects to keep her busy and, being the kind and caring daughter that I am *cough, cough* I thought I’d “help” her out by offering her some of my yarn stash to knit up for me because I’m too damned lazy to do them myself.

All kidding aside it does really work for us both, and she jumped at the offer. She can still jump a little at the moment. Won’t be doing that for a while after June! Ouch!

All the projects are tiny things like gloves and hats that are easy to pick up and put down as she feels like it. There’s no urgency to any of them so she can just do what she wants when she wants. Also, as I much prefer knitting garments to small, single skein items, Ma’s doing me an enormous favour. Thanks, Ma!

It also means that I’m down to 4 knitting projects in the stash, 2 of which are already on the needles and nearing completion.

Happiness abounds, and I promise to show you pictures when they’re all done.