As you know I’m disappearing all day tomorrow for the quilty bag thingy with Ma.  Then Ma and Pa SIL are joining us in the evening for Mother’s Day Curry Night!  Strange I know but as Sunday is the first Mother’s Day with both my babies at home and legally ours, we’re making a day of it just the 4 of us.  But we still wanted to celebrate with the Ma’s and we’ll all take any excuse to have a good curry.

As I’m on the missing list for the weekend I wanted to take this opportunity to say hi to all the Mum’s out there, especially single mums and working mums. Oh, and those who are far away from their families.


Because, ladies, I simply have no idea how you do it and remain even remotely sane.

I am blessed that both Mr S and I would rather have me at home than have shiny new material things.  I recognise that this is a very privileged position to be in and one that I am thankful for every day.

I’m also incredibly lucky that I have both Ma’s, my niece and a host of spectacular friends close by who are happy to help out whether I need a bit of me time, an errand running, or simply coffee and someone who will listen.  More gratitude.

So when I see the media castigating and vilifying single mums or working mums or mums who have their children whilst they are young (as my niece did) or mums who have their children late in life (like I did) I just want to put the journalist on the naughty step to let him think it through a bit.  ‘Cos I’m pretty sure none of them could do the job as well as any of the mothers I know (mine included) and frankly they have no right to comment until they can.

So I’m stepping off of my soapbox, tipping my hat to you all and wishing you a lovely weekend.  You’re all amazing.