It’s done.

It’s finally done.

I should have gone with a purchased pattern in the first place and saved myself some time, but I’m counting it as all part of the learning curve.   And apologies for the dark pictures.  It’s a very cloudy and gray day here but I simply couldn’t wait for the sun to return before I share this with you.

As you know the pattern used is the Chic Everyday Coat Pattern from Heidi and Finn on Etsy.  Obviously I’ve had to shorten the coat to make it fit on the fabric and I’ve straightened the A-line somewhat for the same reason.  I made the 3T size deliberately to make this too big so she’ll get extra wear out of it. To make it fit for this season I’ve shifted the buttons to make this Chinese inspired style.  I’ll just move the buttons across as she grows into it.  We’ll get lots of wear out of this beautiful coat, which I’m very happy about.

I utilised the pockets of the original jacket, much to Button’s delight.

She’s so pleased that I’ve made her a coat she insisted she wore it to visit Grandma this morning so she could show it off. Makes it all worthwhile.  I’ve a feeling this won’t be the last of these I make, but next time I’ll make the size smaller. I also think there’ll be plenty of Heidi and Finn patterns in our future too.  They are delightful.