After the hullabaloo of the weekend, my little Chaos Monsters (thanks Lara…it’s just the most fitting title for my babies) decided that the only sensible course of action was to come down with the lurgy.  They coughed and sneezed and vomited their way through a couple of days feeling very sorry for themselves and demanding couch and cuddles. Today they are on their feet (with a vengeance) but still pale and snotty.  How can it be they are so boisterous whilst still looking like Dickensian urchins?

Small sick people mean that not many creative endeavours have been undertaken, except for a little stitching, which I’ll share as soon as it’s finished.

I thought, therefore, I’d take this lull in proceedings to share with you a few bits of loveliness that have found their way to our home over the past couple of months.

First up is this lovely Poole Pottery teapot and jug which Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat bought me for Christmas.

Not only are they super pretty and a fabulous colour, but this is another of those super thoughtful gifts as my maiden name was Poole!  Cool, eh?

Mr S hasn’t worked out yet that I’m now stalking cups  to match on eBay (as well as a teapot to go with the reindeer cups! ) Promise you won’t tell?

And if that wasn’t enough, there was another parcel with these two in it:


And to cap it all, whilst we were at the pottery last week I noticed a box with these two in it:

Not only do shuttles celebrate my Lancashire home with its rich history of textile mills, but Northcote used teeny tiny shuttles as napkin rings at our wedding, so they’re a lovely reminder of that.  As they match the new dining table perfectly, they shall hang one on either side of the kitchen in pride of place.

Oh!  And they were only £7.50 each!  Bargain.