Well, it’s finally happened.

My niece and her family are now living a mere 3 miles away from us.  We have never lived so close together in her entire life and I’m so excited and thrilled.

The past week has been stressful for them as they waited for the property rental paperwork to be finalised and then had to make a mad dash up the country to get the keys on Friday (about a 520 mile round trip, for goodness sake!).

Yesterday they arrived with van and friends.  Mr S, Ma S and I scrubbed the (frankly appallingly filthy) house ready for unpacking.  And by 7pm they had done.  So we had wine and supper and laughs around my table (which is the hub of our home).

I’m sure this is the first of many happy nights like this, and the beginning of a new and exciting phase of their lives.


Be happy.