Mr S has long held a wish to try his hand a throwing pots.  Our local adult education college runs evening courses but because of his work schedule it’s not something he can commit to.  So, for his birthday I surprised him yesterday with an afternoon pottery course.  And I joined him!

We started off with tea and scrummy homemade cakes at the most charming little tea rooms on the way to the pottery.

Oh goodness.  The cakes are to die for! You can just see Mr S’s Bakewell Tart peeking out.  It didn’t last long, I can tell you!

Then we headed off to the pottery.  At this point he didn’t know what I had in store for him.  His nearest guess had been horse riding, but, as I pointed out to him, this would be a gift for me not him.  And I’m just not that mean.

As the sat nav turned him into the driveway to the pottery the penny dropped, his face lit up and I knew I’d got it right.

We started the day by making a tile of clay with a little picture on it, then cutting it up.  Quelle horreur!  The pieces were than turned into a pieced bowl with little balls and wiggles and swirls of clay.

Mine’s the wonky one on the right! Of course!

Mr S makes unwonky bowlsAnd after that they turned us loose on the wheel.

Demi Moore has nothing to worry about!

I am so rubbish at this!  I have no feel for the clay at all.

Mr S, however, is to the manner born.

And, with a smidge of help from the delightful Kathy

This is what he made:

He’s thrilled.

I’m proud.

He’s already talking about going back for a full day on his own next month to really get his teeth into this with a view to putting a wheel and and a kiln in the garage!