My boys

Today is my husband’s birthday (I still get a kick out of calling him that!).

When I met him I was sooooo over men it wasn’t funny. (Long and dull and very clichéd story!) I didn’t believe that there were guys in the world who were kind and generous, warm and funny, honest and honourable.  And sexy.  Or if there were they’d all ready been snapped up by far more sensible girls than I.

And then there he was.  Everything a girl could hope for and about a bajillion things more.

Today is his birthday and I just want him (and everyone else for that matter) to know just what an amazing  husband, friend and father he is, how grateful I am every single second of the day that he chose to walk a path through life with me and the munchkins, and how much I hope today is just about as special as he is.

Happy birthday, my love.