It’s over 3 years since we started our adoption journey and I have to tell you it’s not for the faint hearted.

First there are the endless meetings where your life since birth is investigated and discussed.  Then there are the decisions that make you feel like the lowest form of scum on the planet.  Whaddya mean you don’t feel that you can cope with a child with physical/mental/emotional difficulties.  What about foetal alcohol syndrome?  What about drugs?  What about abuse?  You come out of that one feeling very grubby indeed.   But then you astonish yourself when you reflect on it and realise that maybe Christopher Robin was right…you are braver and stronger than you ever imagined.

Panel is like the worst maths test in the world. Ever. With Russian grammar tagged on.  Oh and that nightmare you have where you’re naked and they’re coming to get you!

But you jump through these hoops because no matter what you are feeling it pales into insignificance when compared with the challenges and traumas that the little people who are waiting for you have faced.

And so it goes until the day you meet them.

And hold them in your arms for the first time.

And every living second of it is worth it because they steal your heart away with one small smile.

But then there is more paperwork.  More waiting.  More delay.  Until finally everything is in place and the adoption order is made and they are yours.

Then you meet the judge and you are finished.

On Friday we met the judge for The Boy.

We are finished.

Our adoption journey is at an end.

It was worth every single step.