For The Boy’s adoption day I had been frantically sewing in an attempt to get the Linton Tweed dress finished in time. 

So much so that on Wednesday evening I sat with Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat and a glass of wine watching masterchef and frantically stitching bindings into place.

But I did it!

And I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this dress.

I cut the size 18 with a larger waist (as I don’t have one at all) and could have cut a 16 I think, as I ended up taking it in a bit.  I find this truly surreal as it’s not that long ago I was cutting the 22.  Anyhoo, because the pattern has different cup sizes there was very little else for me to alter.  I added three inches to the skirt length and next time out will add perhaps 1/2″ to the bodice.

I also took up the shoulder seam by about 5/8″ and pinched out another 1/2″ all the way down the back to stop it bagging on me.

The only thing I’d change for the next iteration is that the front neckline needs a tiny dart folding into the pattern to reduce the neckline gaposis.  But again, it’s livable with this one.

After my near disaster with the preshrinking, and after much steam pressing, I managed to restore the fabric almost to its original texture.  However it was still very wonky on the table so I’m amazed that the pattern matching came out so beautifully:

There is a seam there, I promise…you can just about see it down the middle where the horizontal stripes don’t quite line up, but full length, you ain’t seeing nothing, I can tell you!

Because the fabric is so unstable, I interlined the whole thing with an inexpensive black cotton, overlocking all the pieces together before I began construction:

‘scuse the wrinkles…this photo was taken after I’d worn the dress all day!

Because of this I felt that facings would be way too bulky so finished the armholes, neckline and hem with 1″ cotton bias tape: 

With the exception of the neckline being slightly squiffy at the top of the zip (and I’ve seen that on ready to wear costing hundreds of pounds so am cutting myself a little slack), this dress is just perfect.

It was inspired by a dress I saw last season in LK Bennet which was the same style but a dark raspberry colour and cost about £200.  Mine cost about £25!  And it fits! Which is truly a testament to doing things properly…making a muslin, taking time to press everything properly as you go, measuring seams, etc!  I’m a convert, and I will be making this dress again.