To take part in the current Me Made March would mean that I would be wearing…..oh…..nothing!  Or my wedding dress. Every day! With a jumper over the top!  Now that would raise eyebrows at nursery!

So my twist on it is to plan what I’m going to make, even though it is already the 6th of the month.  Crazy busy times getting my niece and nephew a new home (hopefully to be finalised tomorrow…we only have 19 days left until they move) have meant that sewing has been firmly on the back burner this month. Today I have cleaned and laundered and ironed.  Mr S is away pretty much every night this week (he’s en route to London as I type) so I should be able to get at least a teeny bit of sewing done.  And no guilt about the chores!

And this is what I want to make:

Simplicity 2648

This is my first project for the month.  I’d love to have it finished for Friday’s court date but this is possibly pushing it a bit.

I’m planning the scoop neck as in Version A with the sleeve flanges as in Version C. I’m making it in a lovely cream and black Linton tweed, hopefully.  I say hopefully because I preshrank the fabric using the wet towel method and it’s gone a weeny bit crinkly as threads have shrunk at different rates.  I’m fairly sure that a good and careful pressing will make sure that the fabric is usable.  Fingers crossed!

Next will be the jacket refashion for Button.  Of course.  Fabric and lining are cut and ready to sew.

Then will be a very belated Christmas gift for Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat.

McCalls M5764

The lovely Lara Croft has a theory about handmade birthday/Christmas gifts. It is that as long as the recipient receives the completed item within 1 calendar year of the date it was gifted, then it still counts!  I’m subscribing to this theory with both the cape and Mr S’s Whitfield jacket, which is, of course, the 4th item I’ll be working on this month, although I have no expectations of finishing it so quickly.

The cape is also to be in a Linton Tweed, this time a lovely green and blue.

Lets see how far we get this month.  In my favour, the muslin for the dress is cut and sewn and just needs a zip adding tomorrow to enable me to fit it.