I’m not the kinda girl who usually has more than one knitting project on the go.  I’ve always been very faithful to the project on the needles and such serial monogamy has served me well.

But, at the moment, I’m being a naughty girl, and two timing my projects. Shocking, but true.

First up there is Margot.

image courtesy of Stockinette

I’m loving this pattern, but it’s The Yarn That Doesn’t Want to be Knitted and it’s still causing me problems.

To start with, despite checking the yardage, I’ve a little voice at the back of my head telling me I’m not going to have enough yarn.

The, this doesn’t knit up to the smooth texture that the yarn used in the original sweater does.  I’ve been reliably informed that this is a characteristic of the alpaca rather than any overt cack-handedness on my part (although my inability to knit neatly should never be underestimated).

Because this yarn is so high maintenance, I’ve taken up with a much more easy going character.  

After TYTDWTBK, this is a complete joy.  Smooth on the needles, quick growing, shows the texture of the pattern off to perfection and not remotely prone to throwing temper tantrums.

You can see why I’ve strayed, I’m sure.

I’m knitting this for Mr S.  It will be the Whitfield Jacket from Knitspot.

I’m enjoying this so much more.

In fact, as I’m typing I’m thinking “probably don’t have enough yarn, yarn isn’t knitting up as smoothly as I’d like, and I prefer knitting the other project…….hmmmmmmmmmmmmm….maybe I should listen to this yarn.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s telling me it really would like to be a cardigan for a wee small girl”.

You know what….blogging really is therapy. I surely didn’t expect this to happen when I started this post but it appears I’ve made a decision to frog TYTDWTBK back and knit it (or more likely beg Ma to knit it…there is only so much a girl can take!) into something for Button.

This feels good.

Now I can be my normal monogamous self once more.  Phew!