I was planning a post about how I’d achieved some of my February goals, but not all of them. I then realised that I hadn’t actually published my original post wherein I detailed said February goals.

Can you believe they actually leave me in charge of small people and let me drive a car?


Me either!

So for those of you that don’t possess a crystal ball, here’s what I had planned for the month:

  1. Finish sewing up all the bits of fabric in the stash for Button.  There is one more pinafore to do, a halter top and maybe a couple of other bits.
  2. Finish the last of the stitcheries for the Gardener’s Journal quilt.
  3. The Boy’s adoption hearing date is the 8th February and, God willing, he’ll be officially ours on that date.  We have his adoption ceremony in court on the 11th March and I need a new dress for this (no really, I do!  The only remotely wearable dress is the one I wore for Button’s ceremony and I’d like to look different in the photos).

Well, I probably did a about 50% of this list.

  1. The halter top didn’t fit the fabric so the fabric has been put back in the stash to make a project pouch at some unspecified point in the future. I’ve only the little jacket to do for Button and I’m done with stash projects for her. Now that I’ve sorted the pattern this shouldn’t take too long.  I’ve spent this afternoon unpicking the jacket so now it’s just a case of cutting and sewing.  The longest job will be reattaching the binding!
  2. Done and dusted! Hurrah.
  3. Not finished but I’ve 10 more days to go and the muslin is cut and ready to sew.  I’m hoping to get that done tomorrow so that at the weekend I can actually cut the fabric (which is a fabulous Linton Tweed) and get the dress made.  I’m interlining the dress but not lining….a) because the pattern doesn’t call for it and b) because this is a dress I’d like to alter as I lose the rest of my weight; it’ll be easier without a lining!

So….not as productive a month as I’d like but progress has been made and the stash is a little smaller.  And I’ve done some knitting…I’ll take pics soon so you can see I’ve not been lollygagging on the sofa with a box of caramels!