Hoodies are much reviled by the tabloid press in the UK…the word is synonymous with oiky youths loitering with intent, drinking cheap cider, smoking banned substances and bashing old ladies over the head so they can nick their pensions.

This Hoodie, however, doesn’t come much cuter:

The pattern is taken from Debbie Bliss’s book Cotton Knits for All Seasons

which is chock full of gorgeous patterns (which I suppose is only what we’ve come to expect of the lovely DB).

Here’s a close up of the stitch detail:

The yarn is Sirdar Country Style DK in shade 595 Highland Burn which is a predominately man-made yarn with a little wool, making it the perfect choice for intrepid small people.  I bought this from MCA Direct from whom I’ve only ever received really excellent service (and no, I don’t have any connection, financial or otherwise with them!).

Oh, and there’s plenty of growing room.  Bonus.

Thanks Ma!