Yesterday it was cold.  Which, frankly, is nothing new here, as regular readers will have worked out by now.

However, it was clear and not raining/snowing/foggy/freezing or any combination of these.  As The Boy had received some very smart new wellies for his birthday, we decided it was the perfect day to road test them.

We splashed in puddles

Chased after the rocket ball

Climbed things we really shouldn’t

And flew aeroplanes

Roll on spring, we say.

Today they have both gone down for a nap.  I’m off to the loft to do some more on the jacket refashion.  I hope to have something to show you soon.  My niece and her husband are on their way up from Suffolk for a couple of days…he has a job interview tomorrow.  Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat is coming tomorrow just to visit.  So not much will be done here other than catching up and drinking wine.