You guys are busy, I know this.  You have families and jobs and homes.  What spare time you have you devote to knitting and sewing and crafting and cooking.  You make beautiful homes and gorgeous gardens.  And all of this takes time.

So when you take some of this precious time out of your life to not only read my blog, but also to leave me a comment, I believe this is a very generous gift and I am always delighted to drop you an email in response.  It may take me a few days, depending on the amount of crazy going on here, but I do try to always respond.

Sadly, over the last few posts, my email has been throwing a fit and sending me message failure notices for every email I send in response to a blog comment.

So I’ve not been ignoring you, just sitting thinking I’d been a courteous blogger only to find that this may or may not be the case, dependent on the veracity of the information I’ve received.

So, can I please take the time here to say that going forwards I’ll be responding to comments in the comments section of each post.  This way I have peace of mind knowing that you know that I’ve replied.

To anyone who has left me a lovely message over the past few posts, be it about my sewing, my low flying FIL, or our very excellent adoption news, please accept a heartfelt thank you for you kind thoughts and best wishes. Each message brings more happiness to our little corner of the world than I suspect you know.

PS…Pa SIL is bruised but buoyant as long as you don’t make him laugh!