Today The Boy is 2.

Can't smile, Mummy...eating!

As Daddy had to work and Granddad was holed up in the hospital having fallen from the loft yesterday (he’s bruised and sheepish but thankfully not broken, and he’s home now) birthday celebrations were a bit muted.  However, breakfast at his favourite cafe in the park with Grandma, Nana, Button and Mummy more than made up for it all.

And, of course, we get to celebrate again all together once Granddad is fully recovered.  Bonus.

Obviously there were gifts for the birthday boy

But the best gift of all is one he is oblivious to for now.

The courts ratified his adoption this afternoon.

He is officially ours.

We are overjoyed.

When he first came home The Boy was not a happy soul.  In the last 10 months he has blossomed from a fractious, tearful and restless child into a happy, cheeky and fun loving soul with a sense of humour beyond his years. And a startling way with the ladies! He can cock an eyebrow better than James Bond!

Both our children have astonished us with their resilience to their rocky start in life.

Today we have much to celebrate.