On Saturday morning the children slept in until 7.45am.  This is nothing short of miraculous.  I’m reliably informed that 10 years from now I shall need TNT to get them out of their pits, for now, anything past 6am is a treat.

As is my normal routine in a morning I slipped downstairs to get milk and a cookie for them and tea and lots of cookies for Mr S and me.

I walked into the kitchen and nearly fell out of my rather chavvy furry slippers!

Who should be sat there, dunking a homemade gingernut into a large mug of tea, but my long lost mojo!

Honestly, I was beginning to think it had run away to join the circus.

It wasn’t remotely remorseful.  Just chatty and giggly and full of plans for the weekend.

So together we cleaned and baked and cooked and sewed and knitted swatches and generally had a good time.  We scoured Ravelry for patterns and decided on a plan for February.

So whilst I’m getting round to taking photos of the two pinafores finished over the weekend, I thought I’d share:

1.  Finish sewing up all the bits of fabric in the stash for Button.  There is one more pinafore to do, a halter top and maybe a couple of other bits.

2. Finish the last 7 stitcheries for the Gardener’s Journal quilt.

3. The Boy’s adoption hearing date is the 8th February and, God willing, he’ll be officially ours on that date.  We have his adoption ceremony in court on the 11th March and I need a new dress for this (no really, I do!  The only remotely wearable dress is the one I wore for Button’s ceremony and I’d like to look different in the photos).

Fortunately I have just the fabric in the stash.  And a pattern.  I just need lining, a zip and possibly some shoes! Again…I really do.  I don’t possess a pair of simple black court shoes.  Scandalous I know.

4.  Crack on with Margot.  The swatch seemed ok.  I’m just casting on now.  Fingers crossed!

That should keep me out of the pub.