Do you ever fall in love with a yarn only to find that whatever you try to knit it into it kicks and screams and struggles and twists and flatly refuses to do your bidding.

Firstly you try a lovely pleated neck t-shirt.

But the yarn sticks its tongue out at you, folds its arms and stamps its foot to a petulant “no”.

Then there’s the pretty lacy short sleeved cardigan.

To which the yarn hides behind the sofa, giggling, until you come to your senses.

As for the button front t-shirt with the garter stitch bib….well, Yarn just laughs in your face, then runs into the garden to play in the sandpit.

You know this yarn, don’t you?  I’m pretty sure you’ll have come across its cousin or best friend, and it too has defied all your entreaties to become a beautiful garment.

For me the devil child yarn has been this beautiful Artesano Inca Cloud in Lemon and Dusky Black

Don’t be fooled by its soft texture and buttery colour.  Its a right royal PITA.


I think I may have found a pattern that will finally bring it to heel.

This is Margot, which is a free download from Knitty, and designed by Linden over at Stockinette.  Isn’t it lovely?

I’m planning the body of the sweater and sleeves to be in the lemon, with the dusky black for cuffs, hem and neck.

Tonight I’ll start swatching and see what the yarn has to say…this may be a triumph of hope over adversity…but maybe, just maybe, this time Yarn will say “yes”.