On Wednesday night Mr S and the munchkins were abandoned whilst I sloped off to see Black Swan at the cinema.

I know that the reaction to this move has been somewhat polarised, but I, happily ensconced with a venti coffee frappucino light, was enthralled from the first scene to the closing credits.

A happy soul, I jumped into the car to head home and feed the husband.

Pah!  That’s were it all starts to go a wee bit wrong.  In the shape of a flat tyre.  My second in two weeks.  Three if you include the buggy!

Unfazed I called the recovery truck.  Now, I’m fully aware that I should be able to change a tyre myself.  And in theory, I know what to do.  But, frankly, I’ve never changed a tyre and I’m not starting now.  Especially at 7.30pm on a cold January evening.  Thankfully I only had to wait 15 minutes before my knight in shining tow-truck arrived to rescue me.

By this point the cold had set in so I romped across the car park to the supermarket to use their “facilities” and on my way back realised that something was missing.

My neck was cold.

My neck, which had, when I left the house, been cosily snuggled inside my new Multnomah scarf, was bare and goosebumped.

Crap.  Where was my scarf?

In my handbag?


In the car?


In Starbucks?


In the cinema?



Now, firstly I know I had the scarf on when I went into the cinema because I distinctly remember taking it off and dropping into my bag.  Or not into my bag but onto the floor, as now seems the case. I remember this because whilst doing so I nearly dropped said frappucino.

I’m not sure how, as I was the only person sitting on my row, the cleaners didn’t come across it when they swept the auditorium after the show.  I have my thoughts but none of them are charitable.  And I really don’t like having uncharitable thoughts.

So, it appears that Multnomah has flown the nest to find a new neck to nestle upon.

I am choosing to wish it (and the owner of said new neck) well, rather than cursing and wishing them cold coffee for a month.

But before I do so, can I please just say…. dammit!!!!  Sigh!