Well, I’ve been cogitating and ruminating and generally sitting with my thinking cap on, trying to come up with a plan for 2011.  So much so that I have atrocious hat hair and a strange singeing smell emanating from just above my ears.

It’s not been easy, due to the continuing lack of creative mojo Chez Stitches. My mojo is going to have the best winter tan when it gets back!

What I have been doing in the meantime is taking advice from Nike and just doing it.  Just getting stuff out of the stash and getting on with it.  Hence the nasty polyester fabric wending it’s way to finished pinafores.

And slowly but surely a plan has formulated itself.

For as long as I can remember I’ve craved a set of well fitted patterns that I can just throw onto fabric and rustle up a pair of pants, or a top, or a dress, as the mood takes me.  I read Carolyn’s posts with awe and envy as she turns out delightful outfit after delightful outfit using her TNT patterns.

Year after year I’ve added this to my “to do” list and, you’ve guessed it, year after year they remain undone.

Also, as I’ve mentioned before, ad nauseum, I want to clear every last piece of fabric and skein of yarn from the sewing loft.  I’m starting to be sick of the sight of it and that’s not good.  Especially when some of it is Linton Tweed.  And some of it is £20 a metre linen!

And then I figured that it’s a bit like losing weight.  I’ve been losing these 50-odd pounds for the last 25 years.  In fact, I’ve probably lost and gained them 50 times over!  But this time, for some reason, I’m actually making headway with it.  Slowly but surely the weight is creeping off, and I woke up this week to find I’m down to the last 20 pounds.  I haven’t been this slim in, oh, I don’t know, 15 years!  And then I didn’t stay this slim for more than about 5 minutes, 2 glasses of wine and a bloody good curry.

So my plan for this year is twofold.

Firstly, continue working through the fabric and yarn stash until it’s all gone. As some of the fabric is summer weight this is a process that will continue over the year.

Secondly, to work up a set of TNT patterns for the following garments:

  1. Cigarette pants
  2. Wide legged pants
  3. Jersey lounge pants
  4. T shirt
  5. Classic shirt
  6. Shell top

That should keep me busy!!!

It should also provide me with the basis of a simple, classic wardrobe that fits my lifestyle at the moment, but that can be tweaked with design details or different fabrics to create a variety of looks.

It should also give me lots of practice developing great fit, and stretch my sewing skills to improve the finished look of my garments.

At the worst case scenario I’ll have 6 new garments.

Of course there will be other pieces thrown into the mix.  Not only are some of the stash pieces completely unsuitable for these garments but also I know that I’m going to need to rustle up something for special occasions, such as The Boy’s upcoming adoption ceremony (at last…but more about that another time), or the children’s baptisms.

So to keep me accountable I’m going to list all the yarn, fabric and TNT pattern goals in a separate page so I can refer to them and cross them off as I achieve them.

And you can poke me in the ribs to get me back on track if I wander too far from the straight and narrow.

So, what do you think?  A good plan?  Doable?