I realise that my blog posts are a bit like buses this week…you wait around for ages and then they all come at once.

It also looks like I’ve been awfully prolific this week but the knitted items were started before Christmas, so really are sneaky finished objects for 2011.

But without further ado, I’d like to introduce to you Multnomah

This pattern is quick and simple and the yarn is just luscious.  It’s a joy to wear as it’s so soft and warm.  Perfect for these chilly days.  The bottom picture best shows the colour but in real life it is more citrussy still.  The colours have a huge amount of saturation and vibrancy.

So now, I have nothing on the needles although I do have a pile of yarn to crack on with and a large parcel of yarn en route to knit a late Christmas gift for Mr S.  I may browse some patterns this afternoon and cast on some of the stash yarn.

I also have the last piece of the hateful blue polyester on the table.  I think the best use for it will be to make a wearable muslin of a different pinafore pattern for Button, and maybe squeeze an elastic waisted skirt out of it.  That way she’ll have plenty of school clothes for this academic year and I’ll be rid of the awful stuff.  Also, if the pattern fits ok, I have two other pieces of fabric to whip up into pinafores for her too.  They shouldn’t take a great deal of time.